How to Get Your Target Audience hooked on YouTube

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 YouTube has become one of the largest online video sharing platforms. It has over the years become so popular that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily making it one of the most visited sites in the world. If you intend to run a YouTube channel, you might want to first examine who your target audience is and if the content you plan on sharing will attract the desired views.

Starting a YouTube channel will take you just a few minutes. The task does not however lie in starting a YouTube channel, but in actively running one and getting the desired target views on YouTube. 

Anyone can upload a video on YouTube but not everyone can get their audience hooked to their channel or subscribe to it. It all depends on how captivating your content is.

Do you have intentions of starting a YouTube channel and you would love to reach a target audience and have them hooked to your channel? Then this article is your starter pack.


Tips on How to get a Target Audience

Before you post a video on YouTube or start up your channel, here are some few tips you might need;

1. Find your Niche

If you intend to keep your YouTube channel running for a long time, then you have to figure out what kind of videos or content you will put out. You need to hatch this idea even before setting up your channel. This will ensure that your contents are well organized and thought out.

2. What is the aim of your video?

People visit YouTube for so many reasons. Gone are the days when YouTube was about funny skits alone. Now, people post their businesses, skills, talents, etc on the platform. You might want to make an outline on what your channel tends to achieve and the message it’s meant to pass across.

3. Keep your videos interesting and your language simple.

Statistics have shown that people will only return to what interest them. The way you present your videos will go a long way in getting you the target audience you desire. Also, you should communicate your videos in a simple and relatable language. You do not want to confuse your audience.

4. Good camera, lighting and background

Except your videos are made to convey information on the outdoor lifestyle, you might want to pick a very good location for your videos. Also, making use of good and clear cameras will have the perfect effect on your audience, and will get you the desired target views on YouTube. No one wants the stress that comes with watching a blurry or unclear video.

5. Edit your videos

No video is 100% perfect but you can reach a certain level of perfection when you edit your videos. Theme songs, reactions, props, etc will make your videos captivating.

Once you have had these all figured out, the next step is to get prepared, make a video, upload it on YouTube, share with friends and on your other social media platforms, and in no time, you will get the target audience on your channel.

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