Monetize your App with Huawei Ad Services

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As a developer, there is almost no greater joy than getting the needs and requirements of your users met. I said almost. Something that brings a developer even more joy is getting money while meeting user requirements via your app. Everybody is happy to get paid. Getting paid as an app developer can be quite challenging. Monetizing apps today is a feat that is becoming more and more difficult. There are quite a few ways to that, but the process of monetizing an app is not easy. To successfully monetize your app, you need not only the right resources but also the right platform.

Huawei has gone above and beyond to create a suitable environment for developers all around the world to successfully monetize their apps. The Huawei Mobile Services refer to a group of well-thought-out tools and services. these tools and services are vital to you as a developer to monetize your app.

What it Means to Monetize your App

The process of monetizing an app is one every app developer has to get to in due time. At least as a developer, one hopes to be able to get back in monetary terms how much they have put into the research, testing and general development of the app. This is a very decent expectation. While they are numerous ways through which you could monetize your app, we will consider just one. we will consider the option made available as part of the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). We are referring to the use of ads to monetize your apps.

The Huawei mobile services have provided a direct line of access between app developers and the company` rapidly expanding and already tremendously numerous user or customer base. So with this access, how can app developers capitalise on the large user base? It all boils down to the use of ads. With the insertion of quality ads to an app and with a sufficiently large user base, the monetization of the said app is just a step away.


Advantages of Monetizing your App with Huawei Ad Services

One advantage is that the potential to earn using the Huawei Ad services is continually on the rise. With the pre-existing network of advertisers already in place, all you need do is register under Huawei mobile services as a developer. Then you have access to quality ads without the need to build the relationship from scratch. The eCPM (effective cost per mille) here is at a highly competitive rate.

The second advantage is the rapid customer response services and expert monitoring of the ads aired on your app. This feature ensures that at all times you have quality control over what kind of ads appear on your app.

Last but not least, the design of your User Interface would be consistent across all sort of Huawei devices. This means that with a good app, you can begin to build a consistent and reputable brand image for yourself.


These ad services have always existed in the online scene. Various apps and developers are employing them today. Starting and managing ads on your app can be hectic. But with Huawei ad services, you can monetize your app quickly and grow consistently.

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