Guide To Becoming The Best FIFA Gamer

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The most popular soccer game in the world is the FIFA series. FIFA has released many versions of their virtual game, each with different improvements to the last version (FIFA 21). As a FIFA gamer, you have access to a substantial online community of gamers that you can interact with during matches, and you can achieve the goals you have set for your team using FIFA coins or credits. We have put together a guide on becoming the best FIFA gamer.

1.Familiarize yourself with new dribbling and creative run mechanics

FIFA 21’s new features (dribbling and creative runs mechanics) that you need to master. If you want to win matches against your opponents, you need to pay close attention to the agile dribbling and creative runs FIFA 21 improvements. You can perform nimble dribbling by using the R1 button when you have the ball. You might notice that players with higher stats will be better at dribbling by keeping the ball near them for tighter control.

2.Do not sprint

The FIFA 21 power bar has not changed much, so this advice applies to previous versions too. Sprinting inhibits your players from passing the ball effectively and harder to control the ball. It might sound counter-intuitive because everyone knows that football is a fast game. Gamers get bored with slow games, which is why you need to find a balance between never sprinting and always sprinting.

3.Use the radar function

The FIFA 21 radar function is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen and can be an invaluable resource if used correctly. There is a disparity between how close most players like their cameras to be to the action zone and how a player in real life would interact with the environment. A player in real life keeps their eyes open for open spaces viable passes. The radar allows you to view your players and decide your next move.


4.Vary your passes

 Making passes in FIFA 21 is more efficient compared to FIFA 20. FIFA 21 uses new controls. If you press the short-pass or through-ball, you get a high pass. The control buttons L1/LB + Triangle/Y can be pressed consecutively to make a curved pass (floaty lob). Master these passes, and you have a free ticket to bragging rights.

5.Be creative when picking players

Most FIFA 21 players have a set team that they prefer. Their team member preferences are aligned with their preferred playing style. In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you want to stick to the same primary team you start with even after making tradeoffs or selling and buying players. The problem with drastic changes to your team is you might lose chemistry between the players.

It is essential to know your players and their strengths and weaknesses. Some will have a better pace; some are better with their weaker foot while others cannot use a kill move. This information will allow you to place your players in situations they handle best.

In conclusion

With these tips, you can become the best FIFA gamer in no time. You will not automatically become good at the game; you will need to practice to become the champion you deserve to be.

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