Can Ronaldo and Messi Be On the Same Ultimate Team Pack?

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The rivalry between the fans of the Argentine and Portuguese football players – Messi and Ronaldo have been existing for a long time now. Bringing it down to FIFA, a lot of people especially newbies have asked if both players can be seen on the same ultimate pack. Well, if you’re in search of free FUT coins that would feature these two epic players, this article is for you.

A Little about Messi and Ronaldo

They both are the most celebrated football players. This is courtesy of the numerous combined trophies -about 67 of them. With Ronaldo having 33, and Messi, 35. They have both consistently broken the hold barrier (50) within a single season. Further, in the history of football, they are part of the 51 players to score above 500 goals (in their career). Both of them (Messi and Ronaldo) have at different times, won the eleven Ballon d’Or/FIFA Ballon d’Or awards respectively. While Messi took home 6, Ronaldo took five.

Can Ronaldo and Messi Be Featured in One Ultimate Team Pack?

There’s a huge possibility of this happening. In case you are yet to understand how packs work, here’s how below:

First, understand that a two-player pack has a reward that’s usually untradeable. It’s given if you can complete a squad building challenge (SBC) or am objective. In this pack, two gold players are rare. This means that you have a lower chance of taking a decent player that was provided.


If you’re to pack Ronaldo and Messi’s special cards on the ultimate team pack, it will be shocking. The goodness, however, is that the two players are untradeable. This turn means that you can not make a profit with two of them on the same team pack.

Like a lot of people, if you are harboring hopes of being able to get one of these top players on your ultimate team pack, then you must study the number of coins to purchase.


If you’re playing on a PS4, you will most likely be set back by Ronaldo while playing with 1.56m coins. But if you’re gaming with an Xbox at 1.4m, it’s considered cheaper.


On a PS4, the Argentine player, Lionel Messi will cost around 1.49m. Just as seen with Ronaldo, he’s more affordable if you’re gaming on an Xbox with around 1.27m. There are speculations that he may be expensive sometimes at 3.7.

The best way to get the best out of the two players is to have them function on a two-player Pack.

The fact remains that most persons would love it if the response to this question is in the affirmative.


If you have the money or the funds (trust me, that’s going to be a lot of funds) to pay for this ultimate team card to be created, you can pay for it and then be the ultimate champion. Here’s to luck as you give it a go.

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