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Why You Should Know Your DIY Subwoofer Design


Many homeowners take the DIY subwoofer direction to produce the best sound production in their homes. While everyone wants the best in their speakers, buying the top sound gadgets can be expensive.

The challenge of getting a customized sound in space has forced many people to build their subwoofers. You do not need the help of an expert to build your sub. Those who cannot do the woodwork can hire someone to help them with that aspect.

Before you use a DIY subwoofer

Here is what you should know when building your sub without professional support.

Cylinder vs. Box


The cylindrical design is the easiest and simplest type for your subwoofer. You need to create the end caps to blend or fit on each end of your sub. You do not need braces because the building is a straightforward process.


The box design needs more work for you to finish. The internal volume is considered when building a box. If you get the internal volume right, you are on the right track. The type of subwoofer you want to use can depend on what happens during your construction.

Sealed Vs. Ported Subwoofer Design

The question of which is better between the ported and sealed subwoofer design has been on for a long time. If you want to build your DIY subwoofer, you should think of the design you want to create. When it comes to ported and sealed subwoofers, you should know their differences.

We will give you some of the basic differences to help you make your choice:

Sealed Subwoofer

  • The sealed subwoofercomes with its driver inside the box. The air inside the sub box damps the drive unit or driver.
  • When sound reaches the limits of the subwoofer’s excursion, it experiences so much damping because of the air. That means you require enough power to drive it. However, if the enclosure is properly built, it will become airtight.

Ported Subwoofer

  • The ported subwoofer comes with a port that allows air to come in and leave the box while the driver unit or drivers move around.
  • The movement improves the sound output and makes it louder. However, the air does not damp the driver inside the enclosure. You need less power to drive it.

Pros and Cons

When building your sub, you should know that both ported and sealed design have pros and cons. Here is what you need to know about the strength and weakness:

  • The sealed subwoofer is designed to be more portable than the ported subwoofer.
  • The sound quality of the ported sub is less superior to the sealed sub.
  • The ported sub does not boost its sound output and requires more equalization, and power is needed. However, if you have enough power, that will not be a problem.


You need the right program for your subwoofer. Go for a program that will let you add some parameters to suit your sub. The measurements of your sub should be considered when selecting a program.

Why We Love The New FIFA 21


If you undergo a thorough review, you will realize that there is nothing out of the ordinary about the new FIFA 21. Just like the one before, it still features Ultimate Team, career mode, and Ultimate Team.

This is to be expected, besides no one is expecting anything totally new as regards gameplay just yet. Not until a couple of years after the PS5 and Xbox were launched.

However, there are still some little additions to the FIFA 21. Something to spice up your experience a little bit. New Benfica player faces have been included, that indeed is something to be cheerful about.

Other noticeable improvements

Strikers now appear to remain stuck to the last defender. They only break contact when the ball approaches behind the defense.

Unlike what is obtained from the years before, Goalkeepers show more strength. They remain very close to the goal post. Although the heading hasn’t been fixed, it is no longer as bad as it was in FIFA 20.

Midfielders are less slushy and they get to control the ball better. Even the defensive team has improved recognition ability. This feature in addition to the new animations makes quick interventions feel less erratic.

Summarily, the attack and defense ability of teams is better improved. With the improvement in technology, feedback is better felt. The player feels the impact of catches, hits, kicks, shots, and passes.

More interestingly, playing this game with a PlayStation5 deepens the sensations you get from the action. It, therefore, makes the gaming experience more exciting. You can literally feel the flow of the game in your palms.

Another improvement observed here is a cosmetic improvement. Players exhibit real human attributes like never seen in the gaming world.

For instance, you find a player trying to fix their shin guards as the game nears ending. This may not be all fans seek in a player but it is a start at least.

What they really want is players who are more aware of their teammates and their surroundings. For instance, a midfielder who wouldn’t miss passing the ball straight of play when he spots a winger Five yards off.

At last, after a long wait, the career mode has finally been upgraded in FIFA 21. The most important point of focus in this upgrade is the youth focus.

In real-life situations, we have seen players change their playing position. A Midfielder may at a point in their career go back to defense to maximize his potential.

This same situation played out in FIFA 21. A player may jump positions to fit in where he plays best. A player can also jump position to take charge of key moments like penalties and free kicks.


Although players didn’t get all the improvement and modifications they hoped for in this version of FIFA, they did get something.

Players are less slushy and more in control. Attack and defense ability are improved. More interestingly, there is a deeper sensation on the player’s hands to his play.

YouTube marketing: free tools that you can use


If you’re looking to expand your business and get people to keep clicking on your “buy now” button, then you should consider YouTube marketing. This is because, in recent times, visual content has been one of the most powerful means of boosting the visibility of any product or service.

YouTube is a better way to connect with your ideal audience and also create a lasting impression on their minds. In most cases, it performs better than text-based advertising. In this guide, we have outlined free tools that you can implement for effective YouTube marketing. Confused about what they are used for? Stay glued!

Unique tools for your YouTube marketing

The right kind of YouTube marketing tools help to reduce the stress of marketing for you. This is because they help you to easily make your videos and also helps you to push it forward to your target audience. Below are some of the free tools that you can use for YouTube marketing;

1. VidIQ

VidIQ is an easy-to-use that runs both a free and paid version. If you’re not able to meet up with the costs, you can go ahead with the basic plan (which is free). If you want to maximize the potentials of your video. It doesn’t focus on the number of subscribers that you have. Instead, it lays focus on metrics and helps you calculate your shares, tags, watch time, etc.

Other benefits of VidIQ includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Generates thumbnail
  • Alerts you on trending videos
  • Measures your competitor’s analysis

2. Canva

When you want to create beautiful images of professional quality for your YouTube marketing campaign, Canva comes in handy. It has a beautiful interface that is easy to operate. For the creation of video layouts and high-quality banners, this can be used.

If you’re a start-up, you can use the free version of this tool as it features the basic fonts, colors, shapes, photos, illustrations, etc that you would serve in due time.

3. CoSchedule

Although the content of a video is important, one of the core aspects of every YouTube marketing video is the headline. This is because it helps your content to appear better in searches. For the video headlines, Coschedule is free that can be used to develop catchy titles and headlines. With the right keyword combination, you can improve the traffic to your content.

4. keywordtool.io

This tool helps your YouTube videos to appear constantly in YouTube search engines. This is more or less the best way to allow your content to have organic visibility. Simply put, keywordtool.io helps you to search for the right keywords.

This tool is free and it helps you to pick out the exact keywords that your audience would always search for in the YouTube search engines.

Final thoughts

YouTube marketing is one of the surest means of solving your business issues because it involves the use of videos. These tools above will help you to fish out the right marketing strategies for your brand.

Top 5 Best PC Batteries You Should Get


Everyone deters seeing the “battery low” message pop-up on their screen while being lost in the virtual realm of their PC, working, gaming, or seeing a movie. It’s a sudden and unfair jerk back to reality. It would be best to have all the juice you can get for long-lasting hours of work and non-stop fun. While hundreds of batteries claim to offer you extended hours, very few have distinguished themselves. To see some of those few quality batteries that grant you long working hours on your PC, check Achat Batterie PC Portable and place an order.

  1. Asus A41-X550A Li-ion Battery: Gather here long-lasting battery lovers. If you seek a battery capable of performing heavy-duty tasks, the Asus A41-X550A Li-ion battery has a high capacity of 220mAh. Made with a high-grade four-cell battery from Samsung and Panasonic, the Asus A41-X550A is built for one purpose, giving you maximum hours of satisfaction. Its body comprises of very durable plastic, which is resistant to fire.
  2. HP KI04 41Wh battery: When it comes to performance, trust HP batteries to meet your high standards. Tested to ensure good hardware compatibility, the HP KI04 pumps your system with its 14.8 voltage Li-ion battery, ensuring your continuous engagement on your system. Furthermore, it comes in a four-cell battery, which enhances its appeal. With this battery, you need not worry about that “low battery” message popping up on your screen.
  3. Acer AC14B8K: This powerhouse is made of high-grade Li-ion cells from Samsung or Panasonic, giving you the best performance at all times. It supplies your PC with 15.2V, ensuring your system performs optimally at all times. It also runs on four cells to give you a non-stop performance round the clock.
  4. FPCBP530AP: When you speak of long working hours and useful life, this Fujitsu battery has it all. The 3950 mAh battery guarantees 24 hours of continuous usage. It is a standard Li-on battery, possessing a quick charge feature, should your battery get drained at any time. Furthermore, FPCBP530AP has three cells.
  5. VGP-BPS21: Built to meet up with the highest standards, the VGP-BPS21 will keep your PC running non-stop for hours. Being a standard Li-ion battery type, the VGP-BPS21 has a rating of 7800/5200 mAh. Furthermore, its 9cell and 3-year service life mean you have a battery of high standards.


There are various replacement batteries on the market that pack sufficient battery life to keep your PC up and running at all times. Any laptop battery that lasts more than eight hours without needing to charge is good. Whether it’s work, gaming, or other activities, concerns about your PC running low on power can become history by getting one of the recommended batteries for your PC. You can also purchase other high quality, long-lasting, efficient, and affordable batteries via Achat Batterie PC Portable, if you seek a replacement battery for your PC.

Guide To Becoming The Best FIFA Gamer


The most popular soccer game in the world is the FIFA series. FIFA has released many versions of their virtual game, each with different improvements to the last version (FIFA 21). As a FIFA gamer, you have access to a substantial online community of gamers that you can interact with during matches, and you can achieve the goals you have set for your team using FIFA coins or credits. We have put together a guide on becoming the best FIFA gamer.

1.Familiarize yourself with new dribbling and creative run mechanics

FIFA 21’s new features (dribbling and creative runs mechanics) that you need to master. If you want to win matches against your opponents, you need to pay close attention to the agile dribbling and creative runs FIFA 21 improvements. You can perform nimble dribbling by using the R1 button when you have the ball. You might notice that players with higher stats will be better at dribbling by keeping the ball near them for tighter control.

2.Do not sprint

The FIFA 21 power bar has not changed much, so this advice applies to previous versions too. Sprinting inhibits your players from passing the ball effectively and harder to control the ball. It might sound counter-intuitive because everyone knows that football is a fast game. Gamers get bored with slow games, which is why you need to find a balance between never sprinting and always sprinting.

3.Use the radar function

The FIFA 21 radar function is conveniently located at the bottom of the screen and can be an invaluable resource if used correctly. There is a disparity between how close most players like their cameras to be to the action zone and how a player in real life would interact with the environment. A player in real life keeps their eyes open for open spaces viable passes. The radar allows you to view your players and decide your next move.

4.Vary your passes

 Making passes in FIFA 21 is more efficient compared to FIFA 20. FIFA 21 uses new controls. If you press the short-pass or through-ball, you get a high pass. The control buttons L1/LB + Triangle/Y can be pressed consecutively to make a curved pass (floaty lob). Master these passes, and you have a free ticket to bragging rights.

5.Be creative when picking players

Most FIFA 21 players have a set team that they prefer. Their team member preferences are aligned with their preferred playing style. In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you want to stick to the same primary team you start with even after making tradeoffs or selling and buying players. The problem with drastic changes to your team is you might lose chemistry between the players.

It is essential to know your players and their strengths and weaknesses. Some will have a better pace; some are better with their weaker foot while others cannot use a kill move. This information will allow you to place your players in situations they handle best.

In conclusion

With these tips, you can become the best FIFA gamer in no time. You will not automatically become good at the game; you will need to practice to become the champion you deserve to be.

How to Get Your Target Audience hooked on YouTube


 YouTube has become one of the largest online video sharing platforms. It has over the years become so popular that almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily making it one of the most visited sites in the world. If you intend to run a YouTube channel, you might want to first examine who your target audience is and if the content you plan on sharing will attract the desired views.

Starting a YouTube channel will take you just a few minutes. The task does not however lie in starting a YouTube channel, but in actively running one and getting the desired target views on YouTube. 

Anyone can upload a video on YouTube but not everyone can get their audience hooked to their channel or subscribe to it. It all depends on how captivating your content is.

Do you have intentions of starting a YouTube channel and you would love to reach a target audience and have them hooked to your channel? Then this article is your starter pack.

Tips on How to get a Target Audience

Before you post a video on YouTube or start up your channel, here are some few tips you might need;

1. Find your Niche

If you intend to keep your YouTube channel running for a long time, then you have to figure out what kind of videos or content you will put out. You need to hatch this idea even before setting up your channel. This will ensure that your contents are well organized and thought out.

2. What is the aim of your video?

People visit YouTube for so many reasons. Gone are the days when YouTube was about funny skits alone. Now, people post their businesses, skills, talents, etc on the platform. You might want to make an outline on what your channel tends to achieve and the message it’s meant to pass across.

3. Keep your videos interesting and your language simple.

Statistics have shown that people will only return to what interest them. The way you present your videos will go a long way in getting you the target audience you desire. Also, you should communicate your videos in a simple and relatable language. You do not want to confuse your audience.

4. Good camera, lighting and background

Except your videos are made to convey information on the outdoor lifestyle, you might want to pick a very good location for your videos. Also, making use of good and clear cameras will have the perfect effect on your audience, and will get you the desired target views on YouTube. No one wants the stress that comes with watching a blurry or unclear video.

5. Edit your videos

No video is 100% perfect but you can reach a certain level of perfection when you edit your videos. Theme songs, reactions, props, etc will make your videos captivating.

Once you have had these all figured out, the next step is to get prepared, make a video, upload it on YouTube, share with friends and on your other social media platforms, and in no time, you will get the target audience on your channel.

Can I Exchange FUT Coins for Cash?


FUT coins are the virtual currency of tomorrow. Well, at least in the eyes of experienced gamers, FUT coins have a certain value that makes them almost irreplaceable. If you have worked in any way to earn a single dollar, then you would most likely understand the value of the FUT Coins to a gamer.

FUT coins are extremely difficult to earn. But when the time comes to spend them, there is no lapse in spending time. The possibilities open to you as a gamer ensures that there is always something you can spend your money on. With the importance of FUT coins to a gamer? Is it possible to directly buy free FUT coins with cash?

What are FUT Coins?

FUT coins refer to a very specific type of virtual currency. This form of virtual currency is used in gaming. More specifically, the FIFA gaming world. They are kind of similar to points one earns when you overcome obstacles and levels in just about any game. But unlike regular points, the FIFA FUT coins are much more challenging and difficult to earn. But their importance ensures that as a FIFA gamer you just cannot help but keep trying to earn as many FIFA FUT coins as possible.

What can these FUT coins be used for? The importance of FUT coins lay majorly in their uses to any FIFA gamer. Whether it is purchasing or upgrading players as well as other items, FUT coins play an extremely vital role. This upgrade function of FUT coins is even more vital in some cases. For instance, the building of a strong FIFA ultimate team is one goal that all FIFA gamers aim to achieve. You need FUT coins to purchase or exchange players. FUT coins are also needed in purchasing other vital items that you might need. That said, it is no surprise that FUT coins are that important.

Can FUT Coins be Bought with Cash?

The answer is yes. This is because some FUT brokers in the market majorly deal in sales of FUT coins. However, according to some official EA help sites, purchasing or transfer of coins from a third party is not allowed. This is to ensure that all FIFA gamers are safe by way of cash and their FUT coins. Some third parties take advantage of the need for FUT coins to dupe players.

This is the last thing anyone wants. On that note, what exactly is to be done? It is possible to purchase FUT coins online but extreme caution is advised. Before patronizing any third party FUT coins trader, thoroughly scrutinize the person to the best of your ability. Check for refund policies as well as other essential details to indicate transparency.


All in all, no one can say with absolute certainty that a given third party dealer can be thoroughly trusted. But when making your decision, you could go through the comments of other customers. You could also ask around. Any trusted third party dealer of FUT coins cannot be anonymous.

Two techniques for migrating messages to the iPhone 12 from Android


When phone makers decide to make their devices with different operating systems (iPhone OS and Android OS) as they are today, it is usually up to the user to find additional tips and tricks for connecting two such devices. This can be incredibly painful when one desires to transfer messages from an Android phone to an iPhone 12, including photos. In most cases, you will not find a direct and straightforward way to achieve this; unless one takes specific third-party apps into account. Text messages may not be the only thing you need to move to your new phone; pdfs, music, and books are all in the picture too. In this write-up, we shall focus on two techniques for migrating messages to the iPhone 12 from Android.

1. Droid Transfer

In most cases, one does not require their messages to be immediately usable in the new iPhone device but requires archiving. This is an economical way to maintain backups of one’s previous conversations. This technique is also super-effective because it is currently impossible to archive your conversations directly on the Android device, which forces many users to use third-party apps such as Droid Transfer.

Droid Transfer works incredibly well on the Windows PC platform, which you can leverage to transfer your chats to an iPhone 12 from an Android phone. The first step is to download and install Droid Transfer on your PC. Next, one needs to install the Transfer Companion app on one’s Android device of choice. At this stage, you can now create a connection between your Android device and Droid Transfer by taking advantage of Wi-Fi or a simple USB cable. Once you have done this, you can now open the messages app on the Android device and select all the messages you wish to backup. From here, it’s as simple as saving the messages of your choice to text, PDF, or HTML.

To move the messages to your iPhone, you will need an iOS app that is designed for such data transfer.

2. Move to iPhone OS App

The Move to iPhone (iOS) app is the Apple Support Team’s recommended method for transferring Android messages to the iPhone 12. Not to mention it’s free and effortless to use. This app can also transfer camera photos, web bookmarks, calendars, contacts, mail accounts, and several free apps. However, when it comes to music, pdfs, and books, manual techniques for migration will have to be applied. This technique has one caveat: it tends to erase everything on your iPhone. First, download the “Move to iPhone OS (iOS) app from the Google Play store (make sure your device is running Android 4.0 or the most recent/updated android operating system). Install it on your Android and follow the steps, including the procedure, to get connected to Wi-Fi. You can then migrate your data stored in an external tech backup or within your phone. At this point, you have the option to transfer messages from Android to iPhone 12.


In some situations, you will need to transfer messages from Android to iPhone 12, and it can be a much simpler process than you thought. The first technique, Move to iPhone OS, works perfectly well if you are okay with erasing iPhone’s data while you are at it. For PC users, Droid Transfer proves to be a handy tool in migrating any data, file, conversations, or attachment to your iPhone 12.

Awesome use cases of the Honor GS Watch Pro


The Honor GS watch Pro is one of the most unique and fashionable wristwatches in the market. The main reason why a lot of people love using this watch is because of its technical capabilities.

If you are a tech lover, then this Honor watch GS pro is definitely for you. This is because there are tons of amazing features set aside to blow your mind.

There are a lot of customers that have spoken well about this brand. Most people have given a lot of positive acclaimed on the viability of the brand. In this article, we will show you most of the things that the users love to say about the watch.

· It is reliable.

This is one of the things that people love to talk about the Honor GS Pro watch.

A lot of users have confirmed that the brand is the most reliable watch they have ever come around in the history of watches. And so far, they have made a good mark.

If you are looking for a watch that helps you tell the type most efficiently while still maintaining quality, then this is the watch you should go for.

When we discuss reliability, we know that customers need to watch that they can always take out at any point. It will be useless if you by a watch that you will end up not using for a long time.

· It is efficient.

When you buy this watch, you are always sure that the best results are guaranteed.

The sensors do not die out when you use the watch for a long time. Unlike other smartwatches, everything always lasts as long as you keep them.

The truth is, most people do not want to spend their time trying to buy watches that are not efficient for them. Because of this, most people fall into the hands of fake vendors.

The Honor GS watch pro gives you all you need in a watch and more.

· It has the best smart tech features.

If you are a tech lover and looking for a watch to suit your entire persona, then do not overlook the functionalities of the Honor GS watch pro. With this watch, you can get a lot of amazing features that will blow your mind during use.

One of the reasons why people love this watch is the touch screen and sensor. We know that there are several watches with a touchscreen. But this one is the most amazing. The touchscreen helps you to properly control the watch and use it to your advantage.

Final Words.

All that we have shown you in this article shows that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Smartwatches. When you are buying, you need to make conscious decisions so you will not make terrible buying choices. Everything we have given you here is all you need to know.

Why Every Developer Must use the Huawei Site Kit


If you’ve been following the recent trends in the global tech space, you’d probably heard of the ban the US government placed on Huawei that restricts their operations with their American counterparts. This move led them to establish Huawei Mobile Services that incorporate the Huawei Site Kit.

Huawei Mobile Service consists of different kits and packages. The kits include the Huawei Site Kit, location kit, map kit, account kit, analytics kit, wallet kit, push kit, etc. But the one we’re going to focus on in this article is the site kit.

Developers all around the world should make use of the Huawei Site Kit because it allows them to create diverse products for their audience beyond their wildest imagination. If you want to fully penetrate the Asian market, the Huawei Site Kit is here for you.

Still not convinced?

Here are some benefits associated with the Huawei Site kit, and why you should never pass on another opportunity to use it ever again.


Let’s go.

Why every developer must use the Huawei Site Kit

Instead of focusing on Google Mobile Services (GMS), why should developers use the Huawei Site Kit from HMS? What do they stand to gain?

1. Amazing Keyword Search

Adding features on apps to search for keywords has never been easier. If you’re developing apps for developer agencies, hosting providers, WordPress users, content creators, etc., then the Huawei Site kit should be your go-to.

This feature helps users to search for keywords with ease and come up with an accurate and comprehensive list. If you compare this to other platforms, you’d realize that Site Kit does it best.

Moving on…

2. Location suggestion

When a developer creates an app using the Huawei Site kit, it not only gets the user’s current location but also draws up an accurate suggested list of nearby places. It will be great for apps that cater to tourists or first-time visitors.

3. Fully utilizes geocoding technologies

This is one of the most amazing and unique features of the Huawei Site Kit, and the HMS generally. The kit is so good that it harnesses and fully utilizes geocoding technologies. Statistics and research have shown that the HMS will soon change how the world sees addresses and maps.

For those confused about what geocoding is, it’s not as complex as it seems. Geocoding simply means changing the address or location coordinates of a place to a point on the surface of the planet. The advanced geocoding technologies are imbedded in location and map kits.

With the map kit, you can customize maps and plan routes when walking, running, or doing any other locomotive activity. With the location kit, you can create virtual location boundaries. But the site kit only deals with location coordinate conversion.

What can be better than this?

4. Fetches details about a location

Do you want your users to be able to fetch details about a place from their homes? They can do this comfortably through the Huawei Site Kit. They can get more information about their current locations as well.