Why Every Developer Must use the Huawei Site Kit

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If you’ve been following the recent trends in the global tech space, you’d probably heard of the ban the US government placed on Huawei that restricts their operations with their American counterparts. This move led them to establish Huawei Mobile Services that incorporate the Huawei Site Kit.

Huawei Mobile Service consists of different kits and packages. The kits include the Huawei Site Kit, location kit, map kit, account kit, analytics kit, wallet kit, push kit, etc. But the one we’re going to focus on in this article is the site kit.

Developers all around the world should make use of the Huawei Site Kit because it allows them to create diverse products for their audience beyond their wildest imagination. If you want to fully penetrate the Asian market, the Huawei Site Kit is here for you.

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Here are some benefits associated with the Huawei Site kit, and why you should never pass on another opportunity to use it ever again.


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Why every developer must use the Huawei Site Kit

Instead of focusing on Google Mobile Services (GMS), why should developers use the Huawei Site Kit from HMS? What do they stand to gain?

1. Amazing Keyword Search

Adding features on apps to search for keywords has never been easier. If you’re developing apps for developer agencies, hosting providers, WordPress users, content creators, etc., then the Huawei Site kit should be your go-to.

This feature helps users to search for keywords with ease and come up with an accurate and comprehensive list. If you compare this to other platforms, you’d realize that Site Kit does it best.

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2. Location suggestion

When a developer creates an app using the Huawei Site kit, it not only gets the user’s current location but also draws up an accurate suggested list of nearby places. It will be great for apps that cater to tourists or first-time visitors.

3. Fully utilizes geocoding technologies

This is one of the most amazing and unique features of the Huawei Site Kit, and the HMS generally. The kit is so good that it harnesses and fully utilizes geocoding technologies. Statistics and research have shown that the HMS will soon change how the world sees addresses and maps.

For those confused about what geocoding is, it’s not as complex as it seems. Geocoding simply means changing the address or location coordinates of a place to a point on the surface of the planet. The advanced geocoding technologies are imbedded in location and map kits.

With the map kit, you can customize maps and plan routes when walking, running, or doing any other locomotive activity. With the location kit, you can create virtual location boundaries. But the site kit only deals with location coordinate conversion.

What can be better than this?

4. Fetches details about a location

Do you want your users to be able to fetch details about a place from their homes? They can do this comfortably through the Huawei Site Kit. They can get more information about their current locations as well.

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