YouTube marketing: free tools that you can use

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If you’re looking to expand your business and get people to keep clicking on your “buy now” button, then you should consider YouTube marketing. This is because, in recent times, visual content has been one of the most powerful means of boosting the visibility of any product or service.

YouTube is a better way to connect with your ideal audience and also create a lasting impression on their minds. In most cases, it performs better than text-based advertising. In this guide, we have outlined free tools that you can implement for effective YouTube marketing. Confused about what they are used for? Stay glued!

Unique tools for your YouTube marketing

The right kind of YouTube marketing tools help to reduce the stress of marketing for you. This is because they help you to easily make your videos and also helps you to push it forward to your target audience. Below are some of the free tools that you can use for YouTube marketing;

1. VidIQ

VidIQ is an easy-to-use that runs both a free and paid version. If you’re not able to meet up with the costs, you can go ahead with the basic plan (which is free). If you want to maximize the potentials of your video. It doesn’t focus on the number of subscribers that you have. Instead, it lays focus on metrics and helps you calculate your shares, tags, watch time, etc.


Other benefits of VidIQ includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Generates thumbnail
  • Alerts you on trending videos
  • Measures your competitor’s analysis

2. Canva

When you want to create beautiful images of professional quality for your YouTube marketing campaign, Canva comes in handy. It has a beautiful interface that is easy to operate. For the creation of video layouts and high-quality banners, this can be used.

If you’re a start-up, you can use the free version of this tool as it features the basic fonts, colors, shapes, photos, illustrations, etc that you would serve in due time.

3. CoSchedule

Although the content of a video is important, one of the core aspects of every YouTube marketing video is the headline. This is because it helps your content to appear better in searches. For the video headlines, Coschedule is free that can be used to develop catchy titles and headlines. With the right keyword combination, you can improve the traffic to your content.


This tool helps your YouTube videos to appear constantly in YouTube search engines. This is more or less the best way to allow your content to have organic visibility. Simply put, helps you to search for the right keywords.

This tool is free and it helps you to pick out the exact keywords that your audience would always search for in the YouTube search engines.

Final thoughts

YouTube marketing is one of the surest means of solving your business issues because it involves the use of videos. These tools above will help you to fish out the right marketing strategies for your brand.

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