Enhance Your Productivity with E-Ink Tablets

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Productivity is what affects your performance and is a key decider when it comes to success. Manually writing by hand or typing consumes a lot of time. This prevents you from doing your tasks on the go.

Besides this, the latest Android options or devices cannot serve to achieve greater productivity. Many reasons play a great role in this regard. You should consider eye fatigue, constant notification pop-ups, high glare, and low battery timing. All of these lead to severe distraction and prevent you from paying attention or focusing on a key point.

One of the best-in-class solutions is e ink tablets. Continue to read to get insights on the main theme and the advantages you can get to boost your productivity. Let’s dive right in!

E ink Tablets – Main Theme

The E ink tablet refers to a tablet that works on electromagnetic force technology. It helps you avoid purchasing ink, paper and pen. The E ink tablet comes with a pen. It also refers to the stylus. It helps in pressure-sensitive operations.


You can get a bulk of features using this tablet. These features will increase your interest in purchasing this incredible gadget. Want to know what these features are keep reading.

Why Favor E ink Tablets for Your Requirements?

Nothing but the features play a great role in this regard to get the most out of your requirements. Get familiar with the key features below:

Best-In-Class Performance

The E ink tablet comes with a quad-core processor. This acts as the heart and brain of your E-ink tablet. It offers unmatchable performance and efficiency. Each of the operations you want to accomplish on this chip allows you to do it smoothly. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to do so. This contributes to your productivity in the end. The heat sink is present right on the processor, which plays a role in heat dissipation due to constant working. This indirectly contributes to the E ink tablets’ longer and more efficient working life.

Longer standby

The E ink tablet offers you longer standby when it comes to charging or battery utilization. You will experience negligible charging time and extensive working time with this tablet. This reduces the stress of frequent charging to keep up with your work and tasks. The battery supports up to 6 weeks or 40 hours of continuous work.

Convert Unreadable To Readable

The OCR feature of the E ink tablet is highly remarkable. The great thing about this feature is that you can work with it offline. Sometimes, handwritten content is hard to read when you need to write quickly. Here, the OCR will act as a lifesaver. You can instantly convert the handwritten text into the computerized text super fast.

Custom API development

The E ink tablet allows you to build a custom API depending on your needs and requirements. The option exists to use the language in which you have sufficient skills and experience. This way, you can own the app completely. It allows you to save time that goes into app development.

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