How Do You Know What Tan Through Bikini to Choose?

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When it comes to buying a tan through bikini, the options can be overwhelming. But there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right swimsuit that will make your next trip to the beach more enjoyable. The following should guide you to the perfect tan through bikini for you.

What kind of tan do you want?

The first thing to consider is whether you want a natural or dramatic tan line. If you’re looking for a subtle tan line, then a sheer bikini top with matching bottoms might be best. If you want more of an all over glow, then try getting one solid colour in both top and bottom pieces.

What size should you get?

Another factor in finding the perfect bikini is sizing. Bikinis come in many different styles and sizes. Find one that fits well and makes you feel great about yourself!

How much coverage do you want?

Some women prefer more coverage while others enjoy wearing less clothing in public areas such as beaches or pools. If you’re going on vacation with friends or family who aren’t used to seeing you wear revealing clothing like this, it might be best not to choose one that leaves out much of your body.


Know Your Body Type

The first step is knowing what kind of body type you have. For example, if you’re tall with long legs and a small chest, then a one-piece is probably not the best choice for you. Instead, try something like a tankini or halter top style suit since these tend to be more flattering on this particular body type than other types of bikini tops.

What Colour Would You Want to Go for?

Tan through bikinis come in a wide range of colours. They can be either solid colour or patterned. The first thing that you need to consider is the colour that would suit your skin tone. If your skin is fair, then it is better for you to go for a lighter shade. However, if your skin is dark, then you should go for a darker shade.

What Features Would You Prefer to go with?

The features of tan through bikini are important because they will determine how well the product works as well as how comfortable it is when worn by the user. Some of the common features include:

  • Low Cut – This feature means that there are no straps over the breasts which can cause discomfort when worn by women who have small breasts.
  • Mesh Panels – These panels allow air circulation inside the bikini so that your body will not feel sweaty while wearing them during summer days and nights.
  • High waistline – This is important because it will help keep your stomach covered and avoid any unwanted tummy exposure. You also want something that will not ride up or fall down on you while you’re at the beach or poolside.


Tan through bikinis had a bit of a flurry around 5 years back when they were first coming out. No longer made from the stretchy lycra of their predecessor the tan through thong, tan through bikinis now came in a higher quality fabric that did not suffer from elasticity loss during wear. This made them stand up to the test of time and be more durable than the average thong. Unfortunately though, as with most trends, they may have been ahead of their time and generally fell by the wayside.

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