Honor Watch ES Helps You Keep Healthy and Fit

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Honor Watch ES is a smartwatch with features similar to Huawei Watch Fit. It has a wide AMOLED screen, a list of exercises, and other great features that are not present in other smartwatches. This smartwatch is considered as one of the best fitness trackers in 2020.

The design many athletes loved

As mentioned above, it has a widescreen that displays the data that you require. If you compare Watch ES to other Honor watches, you will notice right away that they differ on the screen. Normally, Honor watches have rounded screen. Watch ES has an elongated rectangular screen, making it look like a quantifier bracelet instead of a smartwatch. Without a strap, it weighs only 21 grams. The strap is available in pink, white, or black color.

The AMOLED screen display is about 1.64 inches with a 456 x 280-pixel resolution. The watch is customizable up to 200 watch faces, and six of them are Always on Displays. You can use finger gestures or use the button on the right side to interact with the device.

Special features and apps

At the lower part of the watch, you can see the Huawei TruSeen 4.0 heart rate sensor. It has an advanced AI algorithm for accuracy. The Watch ES with stress. It can also monitor the female cycle.


But the best thing about this watch is not the parts and sensors; it’s the programmed exercises on it. The watch can support 95 sports modes of all kinds and twelve animated exercise routines that you can do at home or in the office. Once you have chosen the routine, the watch will display how each exercise is done. With this, you will know if you are doing the right thing or not.

The smartwatch can show the notifications if you have incoming calls, control the cell phone camera remotely, control the music, and others. However, you cannot reply to messages and answer calls using your watch. And because of this, no important calls and messages will be missed. This means you can do your workouts and work at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, Honor Watch ES is very affordable as compared to others. You can choose from the different strap colors and designs such as Icelandic white, meteorite black, and coral pink.

Final verdict

The watch has a wide range of workout modes and the fitness courses are very beneficial to those who want to keep fit during the global lockdown. Users are happy and satisfied with the advancement that Honor has applied to their watches.

The latest lifestyle device also shows that Honor is developing its older smartwatch, and at the same time, maintaining the tool’s slim rounded body. Some smartwatches have a bulky appearance, and it looks heavy. Despite having a low price, Honor Watch ES provides all the features the consumers are looking for. Because of all these great features, the watch is included in the list of the best fitness trackers.

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