How to Receive a Huawei ID Verification Code?

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Huawei Members can easily access their accounts by just logging-in using their Huawei IDs. Huawei IDs can be used for up to ten devices and protected by using a verification code to verify identity before logging in.

Enabling verification codes when handling other devices lets you monitor your account with ease and lesser risks. Nowadays, identity theft and fraudulent activities are big issues or threats that the online realm is currently battling. Avoid yourself from being a victim of these incidents by setting up your verification code.

But what if you’re having trouble receiving your Huawei ID verification code through your email address or phone number provided? Here’s what you can do to solve the issue.

Reasons why you’re not receiving verification codes

  • You Input an Incorrect Phone Number or Email Address

Address this issue by going back to your account details and verifying whether you’ve entered the right details for your phone number and email. Typo error is a very common mistake why some users failed to receive a verification code to log-in their Huawei ID in other devices. It’s important to double-check these details before saving it so you won’t face the same issues again the next time you log-in or use another device.

  • You accidentally blocked Huawei.

If you’ve chosen your email address to receive verification codes, you must have restricted other email addresses such as Huawei from going into your inbox. Check your spam mail if there are any emails from Huawei that went in there instead of your inbox. Chances are, your email must have filtered it to go to spam mail due to some security reasons. Try changing up your email settings to prevent this from happening. For text messages, you may contact your carrier to stop it from blocking Huawei’s messages.

  • You accidentally blacklisted Huawei.

Just in case you have accidentally blacklisted Huawei from your messages, go to the Messaging option button then click Blocked. You will then be prompted with a list of blacklisted messages. Try to scroll if you found any from Huawei and try to enable or take it out from blacklisted messages.

  • Poor Network

Depending on your location, delays can happen and will always happen. Ensure you have a good signal when logging in with another device to avoid the verification code from delaying. Most likely, the network has something to do with it and needs more time to receive it.

What if the verification code has expired, incorrect, or does not exist?

When this happens after you’ve input your verification code successfully, you will need to update Huawei Mobile Services to the latest version. To do this, simply go to the Account Center, then click Settings and choose to Check for updates.

Verify if the time of your device is in sync with the network’s time. Most likely, the problem has something to do with time difference or error in time syncing.

If your device has EMUI 8.0 and later, visit Settings, then System > Date & Time, and you’ll need to enable the Set Automatically option.

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