Honor Welcomes School Year 2020 with Exciting Offers

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With the termination of the long holiday season and the new school season’s rush, Honor, a trusted telecommunication company, sets out on a 2-week discount sale for fresh and returning students. The sales that aim to encourage productivity and a better study experience kicked off on the 18th of August and would run until the 6th of September, 2020. It is an online discount and special sales scheme with cutting edge products that applies to customers and students within Western Europe.

However, there are different discounts and exclusive sales plans for its customers, students, and residents. You can get a special offer here in Spain, UK, Italy, France, and Germany.

For the products, customers in the UK are entitled to a £50 voucher, while those in France have a €100 off. Those from Germany can get €70 voucher, Italy – up to €129.90 worth of gift, while Spain customers can get up to €149.90 worth of gifts.

The discount sales are available on selected products like HONOR Magic Book 14, HONOR 9A, and the HONOR 9X Pro. The purchase of these products attracts gifts like the HONOR Bluetooth mouse, HONOR Router 3, HONOR Band, HONOR Bluetooth Earphones, and HONOR Band 5.


For the student’s category, the exclusive vouchers are available for only those in UNiDAYS, a worldwide student network that connects to University students of several colleges from all over the world. The offers are a discount of €100 on HONOR 9X Pro, HONOR Magic book 15, HONOR Magic Book 14 and for a €40 discount, HONOR 9A is available.

Important facts to know about the Honor back to school promo

  • It is an online promo hosted on hihonor.com.
  • Thepromo is also available on the following websites; HIHONOR Spain, HIHONOR Germany, HIHONOR United Kingdom, HIHONOR Italy, and HIHONOR
  • Theback to school offer exists for Honor fans, and the exclusive discount offer is only available to students on
  • Theoffer exists for wearables like HONOR Bands, laptops like HONOR Magic Book 14, phones like HONOR 9A and Cameras.

Reasons to participate in exclusive sales

  • Many persons may be wondering about the authenticity of the products on the discount and exclusive offer sales by Honor, but these reasons would knock off your
  • Productsfrom Honor are sleek looking, classic, and of really high
  • Theproducts are innovative and structured to suit the need of the young and
  • Theirproducts generally aim to support the younger generation to enable them to enjoy their active
  • Theproducts on discounts are top-notch, stable, unique, classic, and what more comes at a cheaper
  • Theproducts also enjoy a 24-month warranty period so you can do away with your fears.


The Honor Back to School offer is an amazing and special offer here in Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Germany. It is an exclusive opportunity to sort out your gadget needs and even at an affordable price. The discount and exclusive offers target students, customers, and fans of Honor, and this promo serves as a means to encourage and support students and fans alike.

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